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Wednesday, March 30, 2015 (MST)

12AM The Rock Of The Ages 12PM Messages to the World
1AM The Rock Of The Ages 1PM Messages to the World
2AM Auto 2PM Auto
3AM Auto 3PM Auto
4AM Captain Robert Marriner 4PM The Coolout
5AM Captain Robert Marriner 5PM The Coolout
6AM The Morning Buzz 6PM Prism Sound
7AM The Third Party 7PM The Vault
8AM Janine 8PM Radio Rewind
9AM Janine 9PM A-Patt
10AM The Music Collective 10PM Wayne Carlson
11AM The Music Collective 11PM LUV-le

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Live from Grape & Grain Co in Homewood, IL: On Monday April 6th at 8 PM Central (9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific), don’t miss Radio Free Dave as he brings his own mix of music and comedy to the welcoming atmosphere of Grape & Grain Co. in Homewood, IL. The theme will be live music so tune in for an hour of the greatest Rock, Jazz, and Blues ever recorded before a live audience!


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